Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and for your interest in
Renaissance Global Consulting LTD.

It is quite astonishing as I sit to write this simply because, at no time did I envisage that the conversation I had with my mother at the airport whilst
we waited for our flight would be something that is now reality. I am indeed incredibly humbled and thankful to my mum for sowing this seed
and for the many hours my team devoted to bring this to live; the discussions, research and brainstorming sessions were instrumental in setting up 

My mum having worked more than twice as hard to get to a level of leadership in the banking sector, a school proprietress and most importantly, raised six children – is an epitome of success by any standard (in my opinion). There were a lot of those painful moments we
wept as kids just because of the level of injustice my mother faced as a female banker and a proprietress but she pressed on and continued to teach us to stand for whatever we belief in. At this moment, I am proud to say that, it is in that teaching that RenGloCon anchors; awakening every fibre of our being to even dare. In the workplace and the communities we live, we are starting to see equity, diversity and inclusion thrive, and we continue in this stead till we achieve that which we set out to achieve because there is still work to be done as in some cases people are treated as mere statistics. This is one of the reasons Renaissance Global Consulting is here today. Research shows that some are overlooked, underestimated, clearly resulting to their inability to mainstream into careers and higher education seamlessly.


We feel strongly that people need more transitional programs to enhance their potential. We also recognise the current, dynamic shift at employing people with disabilities. Employers are increasingly recognising the many benefits of employing
people with disabilities to achieve a diverse and inclusive
workplace. This has informed our decision at this time to engage with organisations in both public and private sectors, not for profit organisations, and individuals  to create more meaningful opportunities that guarantees a return on their investments. 

I am currently studying a doctorate degree specialising in diversity, I have turned down great offers and stayed in roles just to devote myself wholly to this vision. I recognise the magnitude of its importance to the millennials, academic, professionals, and advocates. I also fervently believe that no one provider, employer, association, group,
or person can do this alone. As my mother would always illustrate by asking us to bring a bunch of broom, she will give each of us a broom stick to break and easily we would break the single broomstick in pieces; then she’d pass each of us the bunch of broom to do the same but this was never achieved. The morale is  – there is tremendous power in numbers. We begin this journey focusing on what matters – the present and the future of all our clients and stakeholders. I remain humbled for the opportunity to be part of the bunch.

Finally, I would like to add that there would be no Renaissance Global
Consulting without the overwhelming teachings derived from the courage and tireless efforts of my own mother, who till this day continues to be my surest inspiration as she journeys to stand for justice in whatever she believes in. I can only hope that I can put in half
that effort and bravery, then we would be bound for success.

Thanks again for your interest. We look forward to great  partnerships.


Emeka Okwu – MBA,